Upcoming DIomgY and KirkwoodWorking Project: My Office

The new floorplan for the upstairs renovation (check out the DIomgY Podcast to hear all about it) has a little available room for a personal office, something that I had by default previously, but was always just my desk in a room that we never used much. 

When we finish with the renovation, there will be a new master, a new (small) master bath, a walk in closet and a little room for me to edit, blog, record and game in.  It will only be about 7'x12'6" and will have some pretty low ceilings thanks to our converted attic, but it will be more than enough, and I wont have to share my space with the laundry room or cat litter box!

It will have a small, east facing window and will be heated just like the rest of the house, with baseboard hydronic heat but it wont be air conditioned.  This is a cost that I am willing to pay for not installing another ductless mini-split, and I think it will be just fine.  You might see my production of videos and blogs reduce in the months of June-August, but the saved money is worth it.

My plan with this office is to make it a feature project of all of my creative outlets: Twitch.tv, YouTube and the DIomgY Podcast.  I will be doing almost all of the renovation work in the upstairs, and so the design and decisions that we made will be covered in the podcast, and once the space is done, I plan to make the office furniture for the space.  A reasonably sized computer desk, some organization (Boarded Bookcase, Window seat, File Cabinet, etc) and some more fun stuff like a wood computer case for my editing rig.

The woodworking will undoubtedly be done on the twitch stream at some point as a few of these project are highly requested by my audience, and I also plan to make YouTube videos of all major builds for the room.

This will also be accompanied by a computer upgrade... but we will cover that in more detail in another blog post.

If you have a suggestion for my small little office space, leave a comment below!

Until then (starting very soon with the renovations) please check out the KirkwoodWorking YouTube channel as well as the podcast- DIomgY- a DIY Podcast...Mostly that I make with my co-host Geoff.  It is a good time, and I think you would enjoy!

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