CNC Build Videos are Up!

So I finally got around to posting the live build videos of my CNC router build last fall.  It took far too long and I wish I had gotten to it sooner.

But now they are up!  I was able to cut the 5 days of build (about 15 hours) into 4 parts, each around 2 hours in length.  This series is not for the feint of heart.  This is a step by step walkthrough of how to build the C-Beam XLarge CNC router. It shows everywhere I messed up (not including the blood sacrifice to the aluminum burr gods) and all of the areas where I found the build very straightforward and simple and everything in between.

This series was meant to be more of a realistic primer on how to build this particular CNC or use a similar aluminum extrusion kit to make a CNC.

Part one includes most of the grunt work of prepping the aluminum extrusions for assembly, including squaring with a file and tapping. It also includes some of the assembly work for the base of the machine and some sub-assembly preparation.

Part two finishes the base assembly and starts on the preparation of the gantry assemblies, including the wheels and gantry plates.

Part three sees me marrying the gantry plates with the extrusion rails and further marrying those sub-assemblies to the base platform.

The final part has me work through the acme rod attachment and some binding issues as well as the final assembly of the machine, addition of motors, wiring of electronics and then running my first program.

I was only able to complete this build in such a timely fashion because of all the good people at OpenBuilds, PlanetCNC and the great audience on twitch that was there to help this complete beginner noob.

I haven't been able to use the CNC as much as I wanted or planned, but I am able to engrave names into cutting boards, which is a nice feature to be able to provide, and I am also able to perform a giveaway where I name the subscriber wall in the shop after 1 luck Sub, engrave their name into a piece of wood, and then send it off to them in after the month of adornment is complete.

If you are looking at building a CNC and have little to no experience... I hope these videos can help you out!