The renovation is starting

Today was the real first day of the 2017 renovations to my circa 1896 house for this year.  We are updating the upstairs with some new insulation, subfloor, carpet, asbestos-less drywall and new bathroom.  We have been planning on this since we learned we were going to have another child.  Turns out it is hard to have 4 people in 2 rooms, especially since one will be an infant.

So to kick off this whole ordeal, we started in the most logical place...... Upgrading our kitchen with a new (mildly dented) gas stove.

This is the last hold-out appliance in our kitchen from when we purchased the home in 2014, well, to be fair, there wasn't a dishwasher or microwave.  I guess we only really got rid of the old fridge...

We started this all of by asking a few of the HVAC vendors how much it would be to run a gas line and then we were pleasantly surprised that we could afford it and get it installed relatively soon.  With no gas stove in our posession, or in mind, I thought it might be prudent to get the gas installed during the renovation so that it is there when we needed it.

I asked my wife to pick out a range, and then wait for it to come up on scratch&dent or at an outlet, thinking I had at the very least weeks or even months until we had one locked down.


Picked it out. Found it at an outlet in Denver. Bought it and brought it inside no less than 36 hours later.

The gas was installed today, way ahead of my original plan, but the stove is in, the kitchen finally matches and the wife is happy. I only broke one thing installing it too!