2017- The year of being busy

I started last year by putting myself out there for all to see by live streaming my woodworking on Twitch.  But rather than satiate my desire to make stuff and show people, it has only wet my appetite to create more.

I never thought that I would enjoy being out on the internet as much as I have while streaming over this last year.  I believe it is truly because of the community that has built around twitch creative and the audience that calls it home. I genuinely have fun each and every time I am live. I want to create more. I want to continue having that sort of experience, while still being able to grow and try new things.

Thus '2017- The year of being busy' is born.  

So what am I going to be busy with?

I have already spoken about my latest project, DIomgY- A DIY podcast that I co-host with by good friend Geoff (check it out on iTunes!) and that has been an awesome experience so far, and one that I fully expect to continue to develop, and talk about on this blog, through the year and beyond. We will be putting up a new episode every 2 weeks.

I have talked and talked and talked about starting to create woodworking YouTube videos to highlight a few projects that you might not see me make on stream.  This is something that I really want to start this weekend and I am launching into my first project very soon, another boarded bookshelf from Schwarz's Anarchist Design Book. (power tools this time)

My furniture making and woodworking (extremely) small business did much better than expected last year, with little to no help from me to actually try to grow beyond Twitch and friends&family customers.  This year I would like to expand that customer base, potentially commercially selling to a re-seller and see if there is really something here.  I would like to offer things to my readers, listeners and viewers that I haven't been able to pull together in 2016... woodworking plans, merch, new content, BETTER content...

What really will keep my busy this year is the expected arrival of child #2.  Not only because of....baby... but because our house is currently not ready for another human.  My wife and I cannot wait for the baby to come... but it better not be early or we are going to have to start pitching tents. These projects will surely be highlighted in DIomgY podcast and youtube channel as well as in this blog, the majority of the next few months will see me transitioning from Furniture maker to Framer, Electrician, Plumber, Trim Carpenter and many more jobs as the paultry budget requires.

Unlike what most of the world apparently says, for me and my family, 2016 was a fantastic year.  I have seen my daughter grow and develop, I have started something in my 'spare' time that I genuinely enjoy, and I have lit a fire that I want to keep burning.  I hope to keep this blog more up to date by making it less of a burden on my time.  It might mean less coherence, but it will certainly mean more posting!

P.S. Alternate title: 2017- The year of NO SLEEP.


Wood and Lumber Selection, a Series

Above all else… appearance is king.

I don’t tend to romanticize woodworking.  I don’t generally feel that when I am making furniture, that I am being inspired or being overly creative.  I tend to default to my engineering brain and think that I am just putting the pieces together the way they should be assembled.  “The drawers are joined with dovetails because that is the way they are.” There are, however, points during the process where creativity and imagination can be a focal point.

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Starting a Stream Part 1 - The Idea

For the last 2-3 years, I had been looking for something just like this.  I was looking to get an insight into the processes and thoughts and reasoning behind why woodworkers do what they are doing. But there were none.  There weren’t any woodworkers. There weren’t any furniture makers.  There weren’t any cabinetmakers.  

I thought that I might be able to do this. I thought I might be able to be the woodworking streamer. I thought I could make it happen.

I started to make it happen.


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Setting up Shop: Knowing What I Know Now - Part 1

I like using the miter saw. I use it to quickly cut out blanks that will eventually become my work pieces as well as cutting things to their final length, nice and square.  When I first started woodworking I purchased a cheap sliding 10” miter saw because it was cheap and could handle a wider piece of material.  It had a laser sight, was double bevel capable, and could cut 12” of material at 90 degrees and was really really cheap. It had ALL THE FEATURES!

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